We Make Products, Thoughtfully

We believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to the products you use, so ours are designed to be effective and to provide a great experience and longevity.

We Believe In Honest Pricing

Our founders, created FURNIQUIN because they were tired of overpaying for overdesigned furniture. Instead, they wanted simple, high-quality products that felt good to use, all at a fair price.

Amazing Customer Service

Being a part of FURNIQUIN is not our Work Life, rather it’s our Life’s Work. We believe in connecting with our customers at a deeper level, trying to understand their issues and make effort to resolve them at our utmost capacity. In FURNIQUIN we believe in treating other people like we want to be treated, with friendliness, patience and respect.

How We Think

We do all activities here using a four step creative process.

  • Discover: Uncovering the roots of a challenge
  • Define: Determine the best way to move forward
  • Design: Solving problem by making experiences simple, fun & human
  • Direct: Implementing experiences that are connected and intelligent

Why Do We Do It

That’s simple. We believe it isn’t enough to make something that looks good. We exist to create furniture that inspires our customer through enhancing their living experiences. We endeavor towards activities that drive action, generate results and make a difference.

Growth DNA

We believe that good design and quality is powerful, hard work is essential, and exploring the unknown is of utmost importance. We understand that small and consistent improvements can lead to remarkable results in the long run.